This is the story of RCC, as well as the people behind it.

Todd Hirsch, CEO

Todd Hirsch started trying to earn an income in network marketing about five years ago at the age of 30. He went through a lot of failed attempts and then he started to have some success.

He finally started to have some big breakthroughs as he learned how to build a list and network online effectively. He used Skype and Email as his main tools to list build and connect with the right network marketers and leaders/builders online. He built a large down-line in a main stream network marketing company.

In 2011 Todd helped develop a Skype marketing software for network marketers. This software tool alone helped him to become an even better marketer online. Todd then became the #1 top earner in one network marketing company and the #3 top recruiter in another very large network marketing company.

Fast forward to October 2012. Todd came up with the idea to make the type of network marketing program that he would want to join as an internet marketer. After joining many different programs he always thought that it could be done better for the members. This is what led to the creation of RCC.

Todd's words

“I wanted to tweak a very popular type of compensation plan called the cycler plan. I have been a member of many programs with the “cycler compensation plan”. I really love the team building aspect of this comp plan and how fast people can make large sums of money with this comp plan. I also always thought that it could be made even better. I wanted to see it done better and for it to be easier for the members to make a lot of money in this type of comp plan… So I set out to make something better….”

After many long hours and a few months of working with programmers and designers Todd and his team created RCC. (Rocket Cash Cycler). RCC launched a week before Christmas in 2012, and it was a huge hit in the market. RCC went on to pay out over $4 million dollars to the members in the first 7 months, and has a member base of over 20,000 and growing every day. RCC is here to stay.

RCC Location

RCCv1 (Rocket Cash Cycler) is owned and operated under RCC Worldwide Inc. San Pedro Belize. The RCC corporate office is located in Davao City, Philippines.

The RCC Mission Statement

To provide the best value for your money and the best compensation plan in the network marketing industry. We give you an open canvas to change your life financially and a way to help others do the same through team building and self-motivation.

REAL Value REAL People REAL Income REAL Network Marketing